Virtual Experiment Update: Week 1 of Socialising on Facebook

It’s been about a week since I decided that I will speak to all of my 700 + Facebook friends. So 102 people and hundreds of minutes of chat later here is what I have to report:

Day 1: Almost all the 30 odd people I messaged replied back. I was not expecting this. Faith in humanity restored.

Day 2: Reeling from too much socializing. Recovering.

Day 3: 20 people messaged. All responded.

Day 4: Break

Day 5: 20 people were messaged. All responded. Reconnected with old friends and people I hadn’t spoken to in years. Felt good that even though I had not spoken to so many people in ages, everyone was so responsive.

Day 6: Got late at work so took a break.

Day 7: Spoke to 25+ people. Everyone except one responded. Reflection: I have spoken to 100 odd people, and there are atleast 600 more to go. Who are these people? Feels like I have spoken to everyone I know.

Response rate of week 1: Out of 102 people I messaged, 100 responded.

Here is to another week, and more socializing. May the introvert in me find the courage to endure!