The Dark Side of Social Media


8796 photos per second on Snapchat, 487 photos per second uploaded on Instagram , 7141 tweets in one second are sent on Twitter, and Facebook users upload more than 250 mn photos everyday . That’s a lot of numbers. Sure. But they clearly indicate one thing – with a proliferating user base across social media platforms we are more and more inclined to share our lives on the web – selfies, travel plans, romantic updates, professional accomplishments, sarcasm, humour and political views.

We get to be a part of this online community, we get to know what’s going on, we deal with the #FOMO and we share our lives with our friends and acquaintances all the while taking in information about others. While this may work best when it comes to developing connections, staying updated, getting out our views across to others, and building camaraderie, there are some things we have to consider – some of which can be detrimental to us.

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