How management researchers can ruin pretty much any conversation:


1.  {At a Sushi Place}

Friend: This Sushi is not good, I don’t like this restaurant.

Management Researcher Friend: Hey my Sushi is good, your findings are not generalizable.

2. {On Facebook}

Friends Post: The death sentence in the rape case will hopefully prevent future brutalities against women.

Management Researcher Friend: FBI data shows that the 14 US states without capital punishment had homicide rates at or below the national rate.

3.  {comments section of any article}

Friend: Companies that don’t reinvent themselves (example; RIM) will probably die out in the tech race.

Management Researcher Friend: Actually data doesn’t support that. It is not optimum for companies to re-invent and thus they shouldn’t follow the example of RIM and innovate or reinvent since that is an outlier.

4.  {On any perceived wrongdoing}

1) Friend: I faced the worst gender discrimination today….

Management Researcher Friend: Maybe you are biased? Can others verify your claim? Can you replicate this?

2)  The waitress took 50 minutes to take my order and then when the food arrived it was cold! The service in Spain is abysmal.

Management Researcher Friend: Do you have more data on that? Maybe we could use this to predict service recovery and its impact on customer satisfaction in Spain?