Things that have happened since I started my PhD

1. 3 hangover movies came out. THREE.

2. I went from having one grey hair to a whole head full of them.

3. I learnt that 5 years in graduate school has crushed my will to be in the real world.

4. The Indian rupee fell to almost 85 against the Euro from a mere 65 in 2009.

5. Spain won the world cup.

6. Bill O’Reily talked about the sun rising and setting and there never being a miscommunication on that front.

7. Facebook acquired a BILLION users. A Billion!

8. The correlation between hard work and a paper getting accepted in an A+ journal remained 0.

9. Articles like this got published (The Disposable Academic,16 December 2010, The Economist) and many like me cried invisible tears and suffered an existential crisis

10. Basically, life continued as it always had.