The World We Live In

Chaos. Confusions. Complications. Words synonymous with our lives as a whole. Too many choices, too many decisions, too much to lose, and too many people to understand.
No wonder that the field of social psychology is as prolific as ever. Humans or Homo sapiens- the “wise” ones, as I like to call them, thrive around other humans. Our social nature nourishes us but also begets complexities.

Homo sapiens in Roma

It is my intention through this blog to dispense some research findings that help us understand our species better. I will talk about my research at times and use this forum to discuss and (attempt) to answer intriguing questions about human behavior. Ofcourse, somewhere down the line, I will shed the officious tone of this introductory note, and throw in a good bushel of humor, to camouflage my existential doubts about the genesis of humans and other philosophical issues.

Finally, my undergoing Ph.D training and its ostentatious preoccupation with scientific jargon, may render me in a bubble of academic dreams and I forewarn, that this may transmute into my writings. For this I apologise in advance.

Untill we meet again, my fellow Homo sapiens.

The wise ones indeed.